Here’s a high level infographic for mainnet alpha

Pre-Selected Questions

1) What’s the first feature on the roadmap that we will see for GHOUL?

Anonswap is an evolution through simplification, of Poltergeist exchange. It will be the first Alpha version product from the ecosystem roadmap.

2) Do you have more information on LaunchBox? Any estimate when we could use it?

LaunchBOX is a product that would be targeted towards online retailers, dropshippers, product-preneurs initially. The vision is to use LaunchBOX as a means to enable simple yield generation for those that purchase real world products without having to understand the complexities of cryptos.

While we’re unable to provide…

Hey everyone! We are going to be closing trading on Poltergeist exchange in the next few hours, and will be sunsetting this version of the exchange in 30 days. Please cancel any open orders, and withdraw any funds you have on Poltergeist Exchange.

We will be removing all withdraw fees in the next few hours too, and we will cover gas on our end, so you may want to wait until we do that to initiate your withdraw 🙂

The plan was always to close this version of exchange soon after our main net, but we have decided to do…

Hey! Most of you that are familiar with the way I work, know I like to share the behind the scenes things before they are fully ready and really keep the community involved.

I know this info is very introductory, remember this is not a release or anything like that, us just sharing with you the work we have been doing.

Launchboxes will be available with just a couple clicks!

Steps (gas efficient route if receiving on ETH network):
Eth goes into ETH address.
Eth is sent to binance bridge into BSC.
ETH is swapped via PCS for USDT.
USDT is bridged to…

I wrote the GHOST vision statement about 11 months ago, and almost nothing has changed about the vision that was set forth then.

We have had some bumps in the road so far in this journey, but if you know anything about GHOSTS history, you know how resilient and dedicated the community is. If you don’t, I suggest you take the time to scroll back in their Telegram channel. It was quite the ride.

From GHOSTS Vision Paper

“ A specter is haunting the modern world, the specter of crypto anarchy.
Computer technology is on the verge of providing the…

We are please to announce that we have partnered with John McAfee and Ghost by McAfee to release Poltergeist Exchange as the 1st private dapp launched as a side chain on the GHOST blockchain, packed with a true private stable coin!

We have teamed up with the GHOST team to introduce side chains on the GHOST blockchain that will open up a variety of interaction possibilities. …

Poltergeist Exchange

Next-generation cryptocurrency exchange focused on privacy

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